2105 Grove Street, Denver: A Sloan’s Lake Review

2105 Grove Street was reviewed over the past few days in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood in Denver. Read below to find out more about 8z Real Estate’s take on this listing, and follow Highlands Pulse on Facebook!

2105 Grove

The Specs:

Address: 2105 Grove Street, Denver, CO 80211

Price: $409,900

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Total Square Feet: 1,589

Year Built: 1911

Original List Date: 07/23/2014

Location: Sloan’s Lake






The Scoop:

This single family detached home is situated on a corner lot within Sloan’s Lake.


If you like craftsman charm then you will love the original wood details, found in the entry way, living room and dining rooms. Unfortunately it is these same wood details that lend to the heaviness in this space. A new owner may be challenged with how to lighten up the space short of removing the wood or painting it – dare I say that? There are much bigger challenges though. The biggest being that there is no garage or space to build one, in fact there is no off street parking at all. There are two beds on the main floor and one in the basement. The basement bath is part of the laundry room and lastly the kitchen is a small L shaped space.


Price was just lowered from $417,500 to $409,900 and I do believe it is still overpriced due to lack of garage [or space to build one], bedroom layout, and smaller kitchen. Home will find a beloved owner, but at a further reduced price.


The Score:

Below are my overall ratings for 2105 Grover Street, Denver, CO 80211:

Layout/Floor Plan: 2

Finishes: 2

Condition: 3

Curb Appeal/Landscaping: 3

Neighborhood/Outdoor Amenities: 3

Overall Value: 3


The listing agent for this property is the Andrew Johnsen with Finn Real Estate. For additional photos, a list of inclusions and the details on the home’s design features, click here to visit the property’s profile on  8z.com: 2105 Grove Street, Denver, CO 80211


Need a market expert’s assistance? To check the status of this listing, or see other homes in the Sloan’s Lake area contact 8z REALTOR Brenda Meyers at 303-883-5856 or brenda.meyers@8z.com.


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Quick Tip Tuesday: 5 Tips For Selling Your Home Fast

new roof


1. Clean up. It’s so simple to do, but you’d be surprised how often it doesn’t get done. There are some BAD MLS photos out there to prove it!


2. Improve your curb appeal. It’s literally the first thing that prospective buyers see when looking at your house. First impressions can be everything.


3. Stand out from your neighbor’s house. Whether this is with color or a new roof, sometimes it’s the little things that can win a house over for someone.


4. Make sure everything works. If someone can’t imagine themselves moving in right away, it’s often a deterrent. A potential buyer isn’t going to want to have to replace the dishwasher the same week they move into a place.


5. Price! Obviously price is a deciding factor on how fast home sells. A realtor should give you comps (comparisons of similar homes) to show you what your house might sell for. Buyers are looking at these same types of numbers, so if you’re overpriced for the category, it may take a while to sell.






Weekly Snapshot: Highlands Aug. 6 – 12



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Lower Highlands

New Listings – 2

Sold – 2


West Highland

New Listings – 2

Sold – 5


Sloan’s Lake

New Listings – 5

Sold – 2



New Listings – 2

Sold – 3



New Listings – 3

Sold – 4


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2621 Meade St: Beautiful New Home Coming Soon to The Highlands!

1375 - Colored Pencil Rendering-4

Luxury meets function in this completely renovated home just blocks from Sloan’s Lake and Highlands Square.  This home is essentially new with only a few walls remaining of the original structure.
The appeal starts at the curb with this home, where thoughtful modern architecture sits on top of well manicured landscaping.  A covered drive-through provides convenient access to the kitchen and mudroom area before continuing on to a 3-car garage.
The main level of this home lives large and regal with a wide open floor plan, grand kitchen and high-end finishes.  The second level boasts a lavish master suite with a five-piece bath and a large master closet with access to the laundry room.  Two additional bedrooms are joined by a jack and jill bathroom.  An open landing at the top of the stairs can be used for an additional office nook, reading area or just open space.

Upper Level Presentation Plan_NTS 75 








 *Floor plans subject to change





After a walk to Highland’s Square or Sloan’s Lake, you’ll love coming home to this luxurious retreat!
Offers are being accepted pre-completion.  Contact listing agents for details, full floor plans and any additional information.

kitchen layout


Lauren Gates




Ryan Carter





Quick Tip Tuesday: Stay 5 Years

real estate - calculator


When buying a home, plan to stay at least 5 years. If you stay less than that, the fixed costs of buying and selling and interest won’t make it worth it.


The first one is closing costs. These can add up, making frequent sales/purchases difficult.


Another is the interest/equity balance. “The portion of your mortgage payment that goes toward interest is shrinking all the time, and the five-year point is typically where you begin to get some real traction in building equity, which makes your interest payments fall even faster.


So the five-year mark is generally considered the point where your accumulated equity begins to exceed what you might have saved by renting, though it may vary depending on the terms of your loan and the cost of renting vs. buying in your area.”


“When you purchase a house, the general rule is that you want to be sure you’ll be in the same location for at least five years. Otherwise, you’re probably going to take a hit financially,” said Money Ning.


Read more at realtytimes.com



Weekly Snapshot: Highlands July 30 – Aug. 5



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Lower Highlands

New Listings – 3

Sold – 1


West Highland

New Listings – 4

Sold – 5


Sloan’s Lake

New Listings – 4

Sold – 3



New Listings – 4

Sold – 7



New Listings – 5

Sold – 7


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Historic Church Will Connect To New Apartment Building




The Landmark Preservation Commission on Tuesday enthusiastically and unanimously approved an application to connect a historic church building in West Highland to a new, yet-to-be-built luxury apartment building, paving the way for construction to begin this fall.


Click here to read more!





Quick Tip Tuesday: Checking For Water Damage


It’s important to protect your home from water damage year round. This Quick Tip Tuesday is to remind homeowners to take these steps in protecting their home from water damage. Take a look at this list of possible places for water intrusion:


  • Clean out window wells.
  • Remove piled up wood which can cause termites.
  • Inspect the roof and have it repaired for leaks.
  • Double check the sprinkler system for leaks or inefficiencies.
  • Make sure there is a positive drainage away from the home.
  • Check the basement and crawl spaces for mold like substance.
  • Additionally, check for water intrusion in other areas of the home. See image below.

monsoon season









Weekly Snapshot: Highlands July 23-29



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Lower Highlands

New Listings – 6

Sold – 3


West Highland

New Listings – 7

Sold – 4


Sloan’s Lake

New Listings – 2

Sold – 2



New Listings – 3

Sold – 1



New Listings – 6

Sold – 4


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Colorado Front Range Home Prices in 2014

FrontRangeMap SFH

Did you know the average condo costs less in Littleton than in Longmont? Or that single family homes in Castle Rock are 40% more expensive than those in Loveland?


You probably did know that homes prices throughout the Front Range have been going up, from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs. If you want to see current home values in your neck of the woods, and how they compare to other cities, here’s your city-by-city guide to what homes are going for in 2014 across the region!


Values are based on median prices for homes sold 1/1/2014-7/15/14.



Single Family Homes: $285,000

Condo/Townhomes: $168,500


AuroraFrontRangeMap Condos

Single Family Homes: $239,200

Condo/Townhomes: $136,500



Single Family Homes: $677,000

Condo/Townhomes: $279,900



Single Family Homes: $349,900

Condo/Townhomes: $218,169



Single Family Homes: $252,375

Condo/Townhomes: $151,700


Castle Rock

Single Family Homes: $346,000

Condo/Townhomes: $202,750



Single Family Homes: $331,500

Condo/Townhomes: $200,000


Colorado Springs

Single Family Homes: $215,000

Condo/Townhomes: $149,900


Commerce City

Single Family Homes: $259,000

Condo/Townhomes: $165,000



Single Family Homes: $310,000

Condo/Townhomes: $215,000



Single Family Homes: $279,000

Condo/Townhomes: $185,000


Estes Park

Single Family Homes: $382,000

Condo/Townhomes: $253,000



Single Family Homes: $405,000

Condo/Townhomes: $222,000


Fort Collins

Single Family Homes: $283,066

Condo/Townhomes: $179,350



Single Family Homes: $430,000

Condo/Townhomes: $229,000



Single Family Homes: $192,000

Condo/Townhomes: $133,000


Highlands Ranch

Single Family Homes: $365,000

Condo/Townhomes: $260,000



Single Family Homes: $420,000

Condo/Townhomes: $235,000



Single Family Homes: $243,500

Condo/Townhomes: $159,550



Single Family Homes: $290,000

Condo/Townhomes: $155,000


Lone Tree

Single Family Homes: $621,000

Condo/Townhomes: $349,000



Single Family Homes: $275,000

Condo/Townhomes: $185,000



Single Family Homes: $490,000

Condo/Townhomes: $262,500



Single Family Homes: $246,150

Condo/Townhomes: $171,100



Single Family Homes: $425,500

Condo/Townhomes: $267,000



Single Family Homes: $289,200

Condo/Townhomes: None sold



Single Family Homes: $385,000

Condo/Townhomes: $175,100



Single Family Homes: $362,000

Condo/Townhomes: $187,500



Single Family Homes: $461,300

Condo/Townhomes: $209,800



Single Family Homes: $260,500

Condo/Townhomes: $157,500



Single Family Homes: $253,000

Condo/Townhomes: $158,000


Wheat Ridge

Single Family Homes: $285,000

Condo/Townhomes: $133,000



Single Family Homes: $332,900

Condo/Townhomes: $165,000


Of course, individual neighborhoods within each city will vary significantly. If you have any questions about home values in your specific neighborhood, let us know and we’ll get you the latest info!


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