SLNA Speaks out on St. Anthony’s Redevelopment Plans

St. Anthony's Redevelopment Site

St. Anthony’s Redevelopment Site

Have you been following the plans for, and controversy around, the St. Anthony’s Redevelopment?  If you have, you likely know there is much upset about the proposed plans and lack of community input.  Find out what the Sloan’s Lake Neighborhood Association thinks in this North Tribune editorial.

One thought on “SLNA Speaks out on St. Anthony’s Redevelopment Plans

  1. I think an apt name for Mayor Hancock is “Ram-Rod Hancock.”
    “Ram-Rod” has shoved unappealing, overreaching development down the throats of the residents of Denver without any meaningful or timely neighborhood input. Even if there was any input, Ram-Rod Hancock just rams on doing it “his way”. From the newly forming “canyons” in Cherry Creek to the awful, misguided Plastic Park that he is building in City Park with private funds to avoid public input to the terrible overbuilding around Sloan’s Lake that will lead to permafrost from the hulking shadows of the monolithic buildings he and developer pals are planning to cash in on, every thing Hancock touches seems to be in direct opposition to what the citizens of Denver say that hey want to happen.
    How long can this continue? When is Ram-rod Hancock he up for reelection? Can we afford to wait that long? Recall?

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