Friday Night @ the Velodrome!

Cyclist competes on Velodrome Track

Friday Night @ Boulder’s Velodrome Track is sure to set your head spinning with Fun!

It’s the first Friday of March! What are your plans? How about doing something fun and spontaneous with the whole family?

Down at Boulder Indoor Cycling, The “First Friday” event is happening tonight! Come down and enjoy bike races and free beer. There’s even a kids race at intermission!

It’s only a $10 cover at the door for adults (which INCLUDES free beer!) and $1 for kids. You can bike, walk, or drive the 1 mile from Kings Ridge and enjoy this adrenaline filled Velodrome Extravaganza!

The races start at 7pm. Come watch Pro’s and Amateurs alike compete on the state of the art raised track!

For more information, click here:

or call 303-292-5464


What a great way to start your weekend!

Wasabi @ Cedars Rolls Out this Friday!

Wasabi Poster

Just minutes down the road from Kings Ridge you’ll find the most hoppin’ Friday night of February! If you don’t know about the monthly Wasabi event at the Cedars Lounge, consider this your formal invitation. Cedars is the only premier smoking lounge in Boulder, and is exclusive to the Millennium Harvest House. Cedars offers a luxury experience to patrons including a full service bar, fine cigar collection, even a gourmet menu created by the hotel’s Executive Chef.

The lounge hosts a monthly music series called Wasabi which features live performances, organic cocktails, local boulder beers, and this Friday, individual hookah! Come enjoy a Turkish water pipe while listening to the tremendous dance electra spinning’s of DJ KID OPTIMUS. The best part? Wasabi only has a $5 suggested donation cover at the door. And all proceeds are donated to a local non-profit.

Be advised this is an age appropriate event but is guaranteed to be one of rich, invigorating fun. So break out of your shell and taste the Wasabi!

For more information click here.

D.I.Y. Craft for Kids!

finished product

Looking for something to keep your youngsters busy this Monday while they’re home from school?

February 20th is Presidents Day, and for most primary/secondary students that means an extra holiday spent in front of the television and being “sooooo bored”.

Well here’s a great way to spend a fun afternoon together creating something lovely!

This D.I.Y is easy AND inexpensive and is good for all ages. *

(*I’m 23 and STILL love making these)

We’re talking Homemade Sun Catchers. Here’s what you need:


12×12 sheets of Wax Paper (2)

1 box Crayola Crayons


Pencil Sharpener

Iron (set to medium low)

2 sheets Craft Paper




On your counter, put down one sheet of Craft Paper (this will protect the surface)

Next, layer a sheet of wax paper. Pick a few colors of crayons and using the pencil sharpener, distribute shavings evenly across the wax paper. Be sure to leave about a 1” to 2” border as the wax will melt and spread.

Note: the shavings do not need to be thick. Just even. They will all meld together in the end!

Put second piece of wax paper on top, then another piece of craft paper (to protect your iron).

Using a Medium hot Iron, melt the shavings, being sure to keep it moving so all the colors melt evenly. You can use the iron to push the wax to fill the more “bald” areas by applying more pressure. (If the iron is too hot you can turn it down to low. Especially if you have little helpers. Works just as well it just takes a bit longer).

Keep checking by lifting up the craft paper. When the wax is all melted, it will be a very thin layer and look like a single sheet. The colors should seem like a watercolor palette, all blended together. If you don’t see this effect, yours might not be done.

Let cool completely, then trace shapes (using cookie cutters or free hand!) on the paper. Cut out shapes.

Then with a needle, poke tiny holes at the top of each sun catcher, thread, and hang in any room that needs a bit of brightening!

That’s all! You did it!

We would love to see the designs you come up with! Send us pictures!

sun catcher soloall together now.

Swingin’ Saturday Promises Big Easy Fun!

We get it, Valentine’s Day: you want chocolate and flowers and yadda-yadda-yadda. Why not try something new this year? Something hoppin? Something like…an early Mardi Gras Party, perhaps?

Mardi Gras is always a good party. Wouldn’t you love spending this Saturday night swingin’ with your sweetie? Go ahead and class it up a bit this year and enjoy a (tastefully) authentic Mardi Gras closer to home. Here’s your chance! Check out The Avalon Ballroom and their Zydeco Dance Party this Saturday, February 11th at 7pm! Come at 6:30 to get your complete swing lesson from the band! Featuring music from JoJo Reed and the Happy Hill Zydeco Band, this Mardi Gras will be a herald to the Big Easy. Come hear the real deal and indulge in some delicious munchies from the local Oskar Blues. Tickets are $20 for a night of “dance til you drop” action. Admission for students is a breezy $10! And it’s less than a 10 minute drive from Kings Ridge! So get into the Spirit and Up on your feet, and enjoy something new this Valentine’s! Check here for pictures from last year’s dance and here for more information about the Avalon Ballroom. Don’t forget to dress up in a fabulous outfit! After all, it’s [early] Mardi Gras, y’all!

A Shower with Power

On Wednesday, Feb 8, this sky will be filled with dazzling stars. Be sure to catch this meteor shower!

This Wednesday, take a moment to watch the shooting stars blaze their trails across the sky. February 8th will be choice viewing for the Alpha Centaurids Meteor Shower. Peaking from 10pm until dawn, the Alphas are a slightly smaller meteor shower, but are still said to be able to produce several outbursts an hour. Consider this a wonderful excuse for night owls to cuddle with a cup of cocoa and each another. If you plan on taking some time to watch the starry sky this Wednesday, be sure to face southeast towards the constellation Centaurus around 10pm. This is when the meteors should begin to streak directly overhead. Here in Kings Ridge there are plenty of great places to see the shower uninterrupted. Little to no light pollution gives us our beautifully dark and clear sky!

For more night sky observation tips, be sure to click here for a “how to” guide on becoming an amateur stargazer! Bundle Up!

Snowy Super Bowl Weekend

Hey Broncos fans, this year’s Super Bowl gotcha down?  Don’t sweat it. You’ve got Happy Hour.

Start your weekend of football tomfoolery off right with a good old-fashioned pub-crawl! Head on over to Boulder Beer this Friday, right after work for their Happy Hour from 3-7pm. Grab a couple of your friends and commiserate, speculate and negotiate all things “Super Bowl”. After all, with $2.50 pints and $8 pitchers you can find something to be cheery about! Particularly when you find out that the “Brewer’s Seasonal” is a Wine Barrel Saison.

Also this Sunday, Baker St. Pub down on 28th, just a 5 minute drive from Kings Ridge, will have happy hour ALL DAY. Try the delicious Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond Ale for only $2.75! It’s an all-organic brew specifically designed to be delicious in any mood and any weather. With an estimated 16 inches of snow dropping this weekend, you are going to want to hunker down in a tavern and sip on some spirits! What better way to enjoy the frost outside than downing a frosty beverage.

Have a Happy Happy Hour and stay warm!  Hut, Hut, Sip!

For more info on the Boulder Beer click here.

For more info on Baker St. Pub click here.